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Local Government Declarations for Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 in Japan: A Questionnaire Survey on Climate Change Policies [地方自治体の2050年二酸化炭素排出実質ゼロ宣言: 気候変動政策に関する自治体調査から] [In Japanese] Tomoyuki Tatsumi, Takashi Nakazawa, Keiichi Satoh, Atsushi Nozawa, Kazuhiro Ikeda, Susumu Kitagawa, Masako Konishi, Gregory Trencher, Keiko Hirao, Koichi Hasegawa Journal Article Japan 2021
REDD+ in Indonesia: A new mode of governance or just another project? Moeliono, Moira, Brockhaus, Maria, Gallemore, Caleb, Dwisatrio, Bimo, Maharani, Cynthia D., Muharrom, Efrian, Pham, Thuy Thu Journal Article REDD 2020
Incumbents’ Strategies in Media Coverage: A Case of the Czech Coal Policy Černý, Ondřej, & Ocelík, Petr Journal Article Czech Republic 2020
Media Coverage and Perceived Policy Influence of Environmental Actors:Good Strategy or Pyrrhic Victory? Howe, Adam C., Stoddart, Mark C. J., & Tindall, David B. Journal Article Canada 2020
The Science–Policy Interface as a Discourse Network: Finland’s ClimateChange Policy 2002–2015 Kukkonen, Anna, & Ylä-Anttila, Tuomas Journal Article Finland 2020
Attitudes and Opinions of Mayors on “Local Agreement” for Restarting Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plants: Report on a Survey in 2018 [原発再稼働をめぐる〈地元合意〉についての首長の認識と態度: 浜岡原子力発電所の再稼働に関する首長アンケート調査から] [In Japanese] Tomoyuki Tatsumi, Takashi Nakazawa Journal Article Japan 2020
Actors and justifications in media debates on Arctic climate change in Finland and Canada: A network approach Kukkonen, Anna, Stoddart, Mark C., & Ylä-Anttila, Tuomas Journal Article Comparative 2020
Climate change policy networks: connecting adaptation and mitigation in multiplex networks in Peru Locatelli, Bruno, Pramova, Emilia, Di Gregorio, Monica, Brockhaus, Maria, Armas Chávez, Dennis, Tubbeh, Ramzi, Sotés, Juan & Perla, Javier Journal Article REDD 2020
Information Exchange Networks at the Climate Science-Policy Interface: Evidence from the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland and Portugal Wagner, Paul, Gronow, Antti, Ylä-Anttila, Tuomas, Ocelik, Petr & Schmidt, Luisa Journal Article Comparative 2020
When Climate is not Blamed: The politics of disaster attribution in international perspective Lahsen, Myanna, de Azevedo Couto, Gabriela & Lorenzoni, Irene Journal Article Brazil 2020
Explaining collaboration in consensual and conflictual governance networks Gronow, Antti, Wagner, Paul & Ylä-Anttila, Tuomas Journal Article Comparative 2019
Identifying the ‘Fukushima Effect’: in Germany through policy actors’ responses – Evidence from the G-GEPON 2 survey Hartwig, Manuela and Tkach-Kawasaki, Leslie Journal Article GEPON 2019
Divergent Neighbors: Corporatism and Climate Change Policy Networks in Finland and Sweden Gronow, Antti, Ylä-Anttila, Tuomas, Carson, Marcus & Edling, Christofer Journal Article Comparative 2019
Multi-level governance and power in climate change policy networks Di Gregorio, Monica, Fatorelli, Leandra, Paavola, Jouni, Locatelli, Bruno, Pramova, Emilia, Nurrochmat, Dodik Ridho, May, Peter H., Brockhaus, Maria, Sari, Intan Maya, & Kusumadewi, Sonya Dyah Journal Article REDD 2019
What drives policy change for REDD+? A qualitative comparative analysis of the interplay between institutional and policy arena factors Korhonen-Kurki, K, Brockhaus, M, Sehring, J, Di Gregorio, M, Assembe-Mvondo, S, Babon, A, Bekele, M, Benn, V, Gebara, M.F, Kambire, H.W, Kengoum, F, Maharani, C, Menton, M, Moeliono, M, Ochieng, R, Paudel, N.S, Pham, T.T, Dkamela, G.P, & Sitoe, A Journal Article REDD 2018