Stoddart, Mark C.J., & Smith, Jillian

The Arctic is one of the most radically altered parts of the world due to climate change, with significant social and cultural impacts as a result. Using discourse network analysis and qualitative textual analysis of articles published in the Globe and Mail and National Post during the period 2006 to 2010, we identify and analyze key frames that interpret the implications of climate change on the Arctic. We examine Canadian national news media coverage to ask: How does the Arctic enter media coverage of climate change? Is there evidence of a climate justice discourse in relation to regional disparities in the risks and harms of climate change between northern and southern Canada? Climate change in the Arctic is often framed through the lens of Canadian national interests, which downplays climate‐related social impacts that are already occurring at subnational political and geographical scales.

The Endangered Arctic, the Arctic as Resource Frontier: News Media Narratives of Climate Change and the North
P. Albanese & L. Tepperman
Book title
Reading Sociology: Canadian Perspectives
Page range
Date / Year
Jan 2018
Oxford University Press