Balancing interests to achieve legitimate and effective policies is a primary and pressing challenge in countries’ efforts to prepare their national reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) strategies. Using Tanzania as a country case, we investigated the most polarizing policy discourses and assessed the influence of competing discourse coalitions on the drafting of the national REDD+ strategy. We combined discourse and social network analysis to identify discourse coalitions and assess their influence. The findings indicate that the national REDD+ strategy largely reflects the positions of the discourse coalition that is controlled by powerful state actors who support central control of REDD+ financial mechanisms. The competing coalition, led by civil society organizations, has limited influence on the national strategy, despite discursive congruence and concerted political action. The findings further indicate that discursive practices and institutional rules codetermine policy outcomes.

Rantala, Salla & Di Gregorio, Monica
Multistakeholder environmental governance in action: REDD+ discourse coalitions in Tanzania
Issue number
Date / Year
Jan 2014
Ecology and Society