The aim of the thesis is two-fold: first to establish whether the coverage of climate change (CC) in Greek newspapers may be conceived as a ‘narrative cycle’ (McComas & Shanahan, 1999), with different CC-related themes becoming prominent at different periods due to the media’s narrative considerations. Second to identify the debate and document the reporting about climate change (CC) in the Greek media and to assess to which extent this reporting is exhibiting the traits anticipated by the ‘polarized pluralist’ character of the Greek ‘media system’ (cf. Hallin & Mancini 2004). In order to test these assumptions I formulate a number of hypotheses which I test with data originating from CC-related articles in three Greek newspapers (Kathimerini, Ta NEA & Eleftherotypia) over the period 2001-2008 (N=2,072). Concerning the first aim overall, the hypotheses are confirmed by the data. The scientific and ecological/meteorological aspects of CC are more often mentioned during the initial (increasing) phase of media coverage, arguably due to media’s attempt to open the narrative by presenting new evidence and dramatic events which would capture the public’s attention. Public protests and debate feature more prominently during the peaked phase of coverage, in accordance with the narrative need for a climax in the developing debate, while the later (decreasing) period of media coverage, when some kind of resolution to the story should be offered, is characterized by the prominence of policy making and economy-related issues. Concerning the character of the CC coverage the analysis shows that the Greek media debate is characterized by a consensus on the anthropogenic causes of CC and on the promotion of renewable energy sources as a means for tackling Greek CC-related emissions. Yet, this agreement breaks down when moving into more specific/controversial CC-policy decisions, with newspapers appearing to align themselves along partisan lines. Nevertheless, the findings are insufficient for establishing a causal relation between the Greek media system’s characteristics and the newspapers’ CC reporting.

Gkiuozepas, Georgios
Policy Networks for Climate Change:The Case of Greece. The Coverage of Climate Change in Greek Quality Press 2001-2008
Date / Year
Jan 2015
Location of institution
Mytilini (Greece)
Academic institution
University of the Aegean
Academic advisors
Μποτετζάγιας Ιωσήφ Χωριανόπουλος Ιωάννης Broadbent Jeffrey Σκαναβή Κωνσταντίνα Δεμερτζής Νικόλαος Σταυρακάκης Ιωάννης Μανωλάς Ευάγγελος
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